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Samsung is trying their luck outside their Galaxy Tablet line. With the release of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, the pressure is on the tech giant to come up with a Windows-Android hybrid. An ultrabook that runs on both Windows and Android operating systems caters to more users and joins the new generation of laptops transforming computing.

Combining the optimal speed of the Android operating system and the complete performance of Windows operating system, Samsung brings the ATIV Q series as their flagship lineup for hybrid ultrabooks. The Samsung ATIV Q features a design complete with personal computer capacities but with the portability and convenience of laptops. The appearance and dimensions are to that of the increasingly popular ultrabooks.

Compared to the Asus Transformer Triobook, the Samsung ATIV Q does not come in two parts. Instead of a main slate and keyboard dock, the ATIV Q series comes as a single unit mimicking how Sony Vaio Duo shifts from one orientation to another. Users can slide the display upward or backward to access the keyboard beneath.

It is also possible to rotate the device all the way to the opposite side. This transforms the device like a table leaning on a stand. The Samsung ATIV Q can transform easier than the Asus Triobook on some occasions particularly because it is more portable and slimmer. However, this means that the battery life does not extend as much.

Unlike the Transformer Pad Infinity, Samsung's ATIV has bulkier screen size. The ATIV series has 13 inches display compared to the 11 inches of the Asus Triobook. The more impressive feature is the sharp display. Samsung offers a 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution for the hybrid. Users can expect 275 ppi. iPad only offers 264 ppi making the ATIV Q sharper.

The hybrid is running on Intel Haswell Core i5 processor. It offers 4GB of RAM as well as 128GB SSD for storage. In the Asus Triobook, the device uses two separate processors for each operating system. Samsung ATIV uses the same processor for both Android and Windows. Provided such, ATIV can be considered as the most powerful hybrid Android tablet yet - this is in terms of RAM and processing power.

A source of debate, on other hand, how long it can really last.

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