Ativ Q – Samsung's Upcoming hybrid Android and Windows 8 Tablet / Laptop - PC-Tablet

Samsung shocked the tech world on the evening of June 20 when it unveiled the new Ativ Q – a 13-inch tablet whose native Windows 8 launches Android Apps. The device is still yet to be released, so we will have to wait to see if it’s a fully-integrated productivity powerhouse or just another device with an identity crisis.

Since the Android OS controls about 51% of the smartphone market share, and a Windows OS is found on most home computers, it seems natural that the two would combine, almost evolutionary. The Ativ Q’s custom Windows 8 allows the user to not only launch Android Apps, but pin them to the Start menu as well.

image Ativ Q Samsungs Upcoming hybrid Android and Windows 8 Tablet/Laptop

Unfortunately, the Ativ Q doesn’t seem like a consumer-level product. While no pricing has been announced just yet, the 13-inch screen boasts a 3200 X 1800 resolution. The keyboard is also kept behind the tablet and slides out when you want it, which will no doubt also amp up the price. On top of all these factors, it is running Intel‘s Core i5 Haswell processor, so it will be state-of-the-art.

The Ativ Q’s sliding keyboard will allow for a few different typing angles. Flip the keyboard all the way upside down, and it will function as a tablet stand for presentations. It also includes Samsung’s S pen stylus, which can be stored in the base. And its high resolution gives it 275 pixels per inch, which is more than Apple‘s Retina display (which clocks in at 264).

A few previewers have noticed some potential problems with this device, however. The keyboard, while convenient, has small keys which may be difficult for people with larger fingers (like me). Because of its sliding keyboard and 13-inch size, it is a bit chunky, and about a pound heavier than an iPad. One of the biggest complaints about Samsung’s S pen is that it’s uncomfortable to hold, as well, so this might be a detraction.

Besides the processor and resolution, no other specs have been released for the device yet. When the final version is released, we’ll get to see whether Samsung has created a brilliant masterpiece of design and integration or a horrific Chimera that fails because it tries to do too much.

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