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Samsung Ativ Tab Price Halved as Windows RT Dies a Painful Death – What Next?

The Samsung Ativ Tab has been confirmed as the next in a rather long and depressing line of Windows RT tablets to be given a massive price reduction and find its way into the bargain bin. Tech pundits had long argued that the only way to get rid of last year’s Windows RT tablets would be to pretty much give them away, and it’s looking like they weren’t kidding.

Over in the UK, the Samsung Ativ Tab launched for a price of £549 ($840) last year, but is now being offered for as little as £299 ($450) – a price slash of near 50% in the space of just a few months.

As such, the Samsung Ativ Tab joins the ranks of the Dell XPS 10 which has been reduced in price to just £249 ($381), the Asus Vivo Tab TF600T which is now £330 ($505) and the Lenovo Yoga 11 which is down in price to £400 ($610).

Some have attributed to huge and sweeping price cuts to the impending launch of a new-generation Windows RT tablet range which could be fronted by the second-generation Microsoft Surface Tablet. Back on planet Earth however, it’s pretty clear that the primary or exclusive deciding factor has been the staggering poor sales performance of every Windows RT tablet across the board, with not a single example having struck any real chord with the consumer public.

Windows RT tablets face a pretty clear though incredibly difficult problem in that they are almost entirely drowned out by more affordable, familiar and versatile Android and iOS tablets. Analysts predict that the next round of Windows RT tablets could up the game significantly with lower prices and overhauled features, though critics in equal numbers argue that the only future for Windows RT is one of early retirement and acceptance that it just wasn’t the right move by Microsoft.


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