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Banking on the fact that after Microsoft's Nokia Acquisition, the latter would no more having the driver's seat control on the Windows 8 smartphones, Samsung seems to be building its next flagship device with Samsung SM-W750V - a Windows Phone 8 to be launched next year. Though there is still no official word from the company, but we have reasons to believe this news because Zuaba, a shipping company from India listed a photograph with the official document showing that the South Korean company recently shipped a Windows 8 phone, numbered SM-W750V, to India for testing and development.

As you can see from the image below, the device's build price is listed at Rs. 31,967 and Rs. 33,245 which means that the phone is going to be in the premium flagship range. But, we can't still predict and official price for the new Windows phone. Well, it becomes important to note here that this isn't the first time Samsung is venturing into Windows Phone 8 manufacturing. Earlier, it has launched the Samsung Ativ S apart from , Ativ Q and Ativ Tab 3. The last Samsung Windows Phone 8 smartphone was the Ativ S Neo, which was released in August this year and then there was Samsung Omnia models which features the Microsoft's mobile operating system. Reports suggest that, the Samsung SM-W750V features a single SIM card slot and sports a 5 inch touchscreen.


As far as the new model's tech specs are concerned, there is not much information to gorge on so far, but the Windows Phone 8 from Nokia is going to come with the Snapdragon 800 SoC, so we can expect that the processor on the Samsung's new Windows Phone could be a similar one. Though, all we have are speculations and expectations at the moment, it won't be too late till we get our hands on more leaks and rumors that will point us to the details.

Till then, let us know - how do you like the Samsung SM-W750V model's features and the fact that it is going to be the next Windows Phone 8?


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