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Fresh media attention is given to Windows 8/Android dual booting tablets that will be coming in 2014, as everyone starts to speculate on what's coming next year.


Looking at Samsung's tablet lineup, the Ativ Q dual booting tablet is drawn into attention, rumoring to be announced early 2014. The Ativ Q appeared at a Samsung event in London back in June and was the first ever dual booting machine to be made. However, later on in August it was reported that the machine was facing patent issues over the dual OS feature and the launch was delayed indefinitely.

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That was the last of what we heard of the Ativ Q...till now. Media outlets are again keeping an eye out on this device, in fact the official website for the Ativ Q that was reported to be closed down earlier in the year is back up again, with a promise: 'COMING SOON 2014'.

A leaked ASUS FCC filing earlier this month also revealed that ASUS is planning to release 3 dual-booting devices that appear to be equipped with Intel Bay Trail processor, which could be made in 3 screen sizes.

ASUS have showed off their Dual OS technology in Berlin's IFA expo using their Transformer Book Trio, showing that they are very keen to pursue this direction, and through the FCC filing, it seems that ASUS could release their Dual OS tablets before Samsung does.

Microsoft was reported to have approached HTC to have Windows Phone OS preinstalled side-by-side with Android in October as well, offering to waive off any licensing fees for the WP OS. Though HTC have not responded yet, the trend is obvious, it's almost certain that within 2014 consumers will have the option of dual-OS devices.

So if you are itching for your new tablet, or a replacement, perhaps it would be a good idea to wait, and get the best of both worlds through one of these dual-booting machines next year.


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