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Chris Burns

The reboot of the Samsung ATIV Book collection of high-powered notebooks is looking a lot like the slightly more mobile universe this week with a glimpse at the faux-stitch back of one unit. Straight from a Samsung press event in Korea we're being shown a set of images that are bringing light to the company's soon-to-appear notebooks and tablets, starting with the bigger screens and working their way down to the heroes. What we're seeing here is the closest thing to a Samsung crossover device as we've ever witnessed.

The Samsung ATIV Book 8 here carries the same code-name as the original with 870Z5G in leaked images, suggesting that this isn't merely a spin-off, it's a real-deal reboot of the series. This notebook's looks indicate that it'll be replicating the abilities of the 2013-2014 line of Galaxy Note devices, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This suggests the device MAY work with a Samsung-made S Pen as well for creative applications.


While we've only seen the S Pen working on Samsung Galaxy Note devices before, it may very well be time for Samsung to bring the technology to a place where it's otherwise been relatively absent: Windows 8 PCs. Word from Korea-based Seiko is that this machine might be the beginning of the next phase in Samsung notebook branding with the name "Creative Book".


Therefore this Creative Book 8 would be just one link in the Creative Book lineup, pushing together the slightly more successful Galaxy Note lineup and the Samsung ATIV lineup into a single new branding effort. Sound fun enough to be a full-on release for the first quarter of 2014?

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