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Asus has started promoting its CES 2014 hardware announcements, starting with this teaser video, in which it abuses a national monument to give us a few hints about its plans. The Statue of Liberty is the monument in question, and we see her whip out a tablet that changes from blue to green, and back again.

Hmm, what could this mean? We’re going to guess it’s a dual-boot device which runs both Android and Windows. Green for Android, and blue for Windows, see? However, while our eyes are drawn to the color changing slate, Lady Liberty is also clutching another tablet, but this one only comes in blue. So, it looks like Asus may have two new tablets at the show.

While we’re always pleased to see new hardware from Asus, it’s the possible dual-boot model which intrigues us most. Asus has experimented with similar devices in the past, including the Transformer AiO and the Transformer Book Trio. However, Samsung’s Ativ Q laptop/tablet hybrid, which also used both Android and Windows 8, never went on sale. The reason for its cancellation is still unknown. Will Asus swoop in and steal Samsung’s potential customers?

Asus will be live-streaming its event, which will take place on January 6 at 12pm in Las Vegas, making it one of the first major events at CES 2014. It’s not the first time Asus has made use of a well-known landmark in its videos either. A Mobile World Congress earlier this year, it made a found-footage style teaser featuring the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

A second video, which could provide more details on these new tablets, is listed as coming soon on Asus’ press page.


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