Video: Samsung's ATIV One 5 all-in-one PC - Canadian Reviewer

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

The PC market is in a freefall and everyone except Lenovo is hurting bad. So, PC manufacturers need to pull out all the stops to entice users back and make the desktop sexy and exciting again. All-in-one PC's are one way to go, they are convenient, space saving and multi-functional, specially with the new touchscreens that are needed to get the most out of Windows 8.

With the oddly-named Samsung ATIV One 5 AIO PC, you get a 21-inch PC and monitor in one that features a TV Tuner as well as Kinect-like gesture control (one of the use cases is in kitchens when you are perusing recipes or videos and don't want to contaminate the screen with your dirty hands). Samsung has gone with a quad-core AMD processor this time around (cheaper?). The all-white styling is derived from Samsung's Galaxy tablet line which is all white (in order to differentiate from the competition, they say).


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