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Samsung ATIV S Gets GDDR2 Windows Phone UpdateWhat you see above is an alleged screenshot of an unlocked Samsung ATIV S smartphone, and what piqued our interest is this – it seems that there is an unlocked version of the Windows Phone 8-powered Samsung device going around that has already picked up the GDR2 Windows Phone 8 update. Just what does this GDR2 (for General Distribution Release 2) update bring to the table? Well, it is said to deliver Data Sense to the handset, where this feature used to be found only on Windows Phone 8 models that wre sold by Verizon, as it enabled you to check out the amount of data that you have already used.

Other than that, the GDDR2 update will also let you know which particular apps on the handset have been consuming the largest amounts of data, while you will also be able to enjoy an FM Radio on the handset itself which can be enjoyed whenever you plug in a pair of earphones. Strangely enough, there are folks in Germany who claimed that installing the update did not yield the desired result – they have not received Data Sense, and neither are they able to enjoy the FM Radio feature.

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