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Asus succeeded with the first and second Google Nexus 7. Reports and discussions lately suggest that Asus wants to put out a Nexus-like tablet that can rival the slimmest choices like the Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Ativ Tab 3.

Several reports hinted that the new device from Asus will measure around 6mm thin. This would make Asus' offering slimmer compared to the Android-based Xperia Tablet Z and Samsung's Ativ Tab 3. Tab 3 measures 8.2mm while Xperia Z spans around 6.9mm.

If Asus can develop such type of product then it would have the slimmest or thinnest on the market. Unless someone pits something against it, the tech giant can introduce the slimmest computing device yet. It is a record for sure but analysts have their doubts.

Is it necessary to put out something of that size? Some raised their concerns that introducing a slim device may just be nonsense. Eventually, people will evaluate the product based on its performance. The slimness of the device may in fact hinder its functionality.

Being thin has been a hit and miss in the computer industry. Often, the lack of width or weight affects the usability of the gadget. If it is too thin, people have a hard time holding it. If it is too bulky, people complain about its portability and convenience.

Companies must always thread the thin line between being too bulky or being too portable. Consumers will have to wait what Asus will do to ensure they can compete with Samsung and Sony without compromising computer experience. There is still no information whether Asus will include an Android or Windows operating system.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the device will look like and what it can deliver.

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