Samsung Ativ S Neo user reviews (Sprint) - CNET

Pros Gorgeous HD screen, great pictures, responsive, intuitive OS, removable battery, micro SD slot, great battery life.

Cons No gorilla glass, sprint's spotty 4g coverage slows the data speeds, doesn't "feel" durable.

Summary I was reluctant to get a phone without a physical keyboard, but with the lack of options, I finally decided on getting a Windows phone 8 device. I really like the HTC 8XT's design (my previous phone was the shift 4g, which I loved), but it doesn't have an HD screen or a removable battery, so I went with the ATIV S Neo. Honestly, this phone is great. The screen is gorgeous!! Typing on it isn't as frustrating as expected, it takes great pictures, has great battery life, and the Windows Phone 8 OS is really cool. I love how customizable it is. Really, more people should give it a try. The internet's a little slow, but that's due more to sprint's spotty 4g coverage than the phone itself. It's much, much faster when in a 4g area. Once the 4g coverage improves, this phone's going to rock!!!

The phone's a little big for my tastes, but it's a worthwhile trade-off for the HD screen.


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