Samsung Ativ Book 9 user reviews - CNET

Pros Great 1080p matte screen, fast ssd,fast all around, great track-pad, multi-touch gestures on track-pad, battery life

Cons Windows 8 settings are sometimes difficult to find (ex. how to turn on laptop with asking for password)

Summary Check out my full video review here...

I don't understand why this Cnet review is so harsh. I bought this laptop about a month ago and I absolutely love it. This thing is so fast it is unreal. One reason I think it is expensive is because no one realizes how fast the ssd they are getting is, I clocked my at booting up in 6.5 seconds and I can have EASILY have over 10(yes 10) apps open at once and switch between them flawlessly without reloading any pages(so whoever says 4gb of RAM isn't enough is just speaking in terms of the number 4 and 8 instead of how they actually perform). 4gb is plenty ram for any user unless you're doing hardcore video editing, but then again I do some video editing on this and it's fine.

Now HERE'S THE BIGGEST PART OF MY REVIEW. No touch screen.... WHO CARES? The reason I bought this model was because it DIDN'T have a touchscreen. Why? 1) It's a laptop. 2)I want it to feel like a laptop. 3) I wanted a matte screen. 4) I don't have to deal with fingerprints. Simple enough. This Cnet review keeps repeating over and over how there is no touchscreen, I think Samsung made this model for people like me. It looks great and the matte screen is flawless on this device. No touchscreen on windows 8 will suck if you don't have a good track-pad, but the ativ book 9 has a great track pad and I've haven't had any problems navigating. The fact that most of this review is based off of comparing it to the Macbook air and touchscreen laptops is ridiculous. Why even compare a pc to a mac when if a customer would only buy one or the other?

Also, I bought this laptop knowing that the Ativ Book 9 Plus would come out soon. The thing is I knew that the plus would probably be more expensive and have a touchscreen. My question is... Why have a 3200x1800 display if it'll be covered in fingerprints and smudges? Anyways this laptop is amazing for what it is and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a very fast ultra portable that they can throw into a bag or carry it around. Don't forget to check out my full video review!


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