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Samsung doesn’t concentrate on smartphones alone. It is also one of the companies that bring sleek and slim laptops with powerful specifications. In the past few years, it has already released a number of laptops and desktops. But this year seems to be the company’s highlight in releasing attractive laptops. We are yet to find out though if its internal features are as attractive as its physical look.

Let’s take a close look at the new Samsung Ativ Book 9 Ultrabook Series and try to compare it to its predecessor. According to Samsung, the Ativ Book 9 ultrabook series of laptop is an update to the Samsung Series 9, which was released last year.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Vs. Series 9 Differences Aside From Its Names 2

The Predecessor: Samsung Series 9

This laptop is one of the thinnest ones that were released in the market back in the year 2012. Its design is explicitly beautiful. It’s thin and slim. It’s very sturdy case and look is the reason why it was able to level with the Apple MacBook Air in terms of its design and feel.

It’s a 13.3 inch laptop with a very clear screen display. It has a screen resolution of 1600×900 pixels. When it comes to its screen, its colors are really crisp and it’s worthy of its price. However, it has lower specifications when it comes to its internal features. It’s a dual-core powered laptop and only has 4GB of RAM.

The New One: Samsung Ativ Book 9

The Ativ Book 9 ultrabook series is actually an update of the latter Samsung Series 9. Most of its features are the same and it seems like it just changed its name. The Ativ Book 9 is an ultrabook series with two kinds. The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus and the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite are the two versions of this series.

It’s still as thin as its predecessor and still has a 13.3 inch screen. This ultrabook series has better screen resolution if compared to its predecessor. It has a 1920×1020 resolution for its screen, but its increase doesn’t affect much the quality of its display. It’s just a notch higher than the previous screen display of Series 9.

Its screen is already a touch-enabled, which also makes its thin screen more than useful. Its memory storage hasn’t changed that much, though more options are given to the consumers this time. It is also equipped with a number of ports that the user will enjoy. But, the cables have to be purchased because those do not come with the package.

To conclude, there are no big differences between the Series 9 and Ativ Book 9. It is even clear to everyone that Samsung just changed the name of the line to Ativ Book 9 and we are not aware of the reason. However, the Ativ series obviously has clearer screen display and its screens are also touch-enabled.

Furthermore, this laptop is best for personal use as it’s very thin and small. It makes it very portable. But it may struggle harder to entice more customers because the smartphones are the biggest competitors of the laptops today.

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