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Samsung ATIV S Gets Custom ROM ReleasedIf you have always had a mind to customize your Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone handset, then you might be pleased to hear that a custom ROM for said smartphone has been announced by the folks over at XDA Developers. Apparently, a particular developer who prefers to be known as “WOLF” has come up with this particular custom ROM that will not only unlock the device, but it will also add to it a range of new features. For instance, whenever you flash this ROM, it will do away with the volume limit on the handset, so that you can crank up the volume to limits that you never could before – although there is also the inherent risk of “blowing up” the speakers as well.

This particular custom ROM would also do away with pre-pinned Samsung apps and the other apps that have been pre-loaded by the South Korean manufacturer. When you have loaded this custom ROM, it would let you search using Google or Yandex, and should both apps be installed, you can opt to use either one of them using the search key. Not only that, this particular custom ROM would also be able to provide you with full access to APNs and Internet Sharing capability.



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