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MacBook Pro Retina Display 2013 release date is a highly-anticipated event, particularly since the Apple laptop is the only product line aside from the MacBook Air and iMac that is yet to possessed the much awaited Haswell processors under the hood. Many are expecting that the new Apple laptop will be launched together with OS X Mavericks availability date announcement as well as the new iPads.

In what could be a hint that it’s launch is near, relative to the release date of the OS X Mavericks, 9 to 5 Mac reported Wednesday that Apple Care staff are now being trained for OS X Mavericks, citing sources familiar with events. The training also began Wednesday and the support staff are expected to learn the operating system’s newest features, installation process and troubleshooting options for at least six hours over the next few weeks.

OS X Mavericks, the Mac's newest operating system was announced last June at the company’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) and is now on its eight developers’ preview, where the operating system is now undergoing tweaks and testings for a final release.

It is possible that the new MacBook Pro Retina Display will be released with the OS X Mavericks out of the box and it’s reported that it will be available in 13 and 15 inches. There have been no rumors that a 17” MacBook Pro Retina Display with Haswell processors will be released.

One of the highly anticipated features of the upcoming MacBook Pros is the possibility of a Mac laptop having a 12-hour battery life. It’s a cue in specs taken from the recently updated MacBook Air, which promises to give “all-day power for word processing, presentations, emails and more.”

The International Business Times recently reported that the new MacBook Pros might not have an optical drive, mirroring Apple’s move to what they did with the iMac in 2012.

Faster wi-fi and more storage with faster performance are another rumored spec for the new MacBooks, with many basing the speculation with the current features of the MacBook Air. The newly-released MacBook Airs offers 802.11ac WiFi, which offers faster connectivity.

As for pricing, it is unlikely that the new MacBook Pro line will have higher prices compared to what it is offered now. Intense competition from a new line of Chromebooks, Samsung ATIV Q and a host of Windows 8-powered laptops plus the recently launched Dell XPS laptops are signals that doesn’t invite a price increase.


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