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Samsung may still have plans of pushing through and further developing the Tizen software. Recently leaked images show the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone running on the Tizen 3.0 mobile operating system.

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The leaked images show the handset's UI look comparable to that of Nokia's Windows Phone live tiles layout. Additionally, the general look with its colour variations and notifications offer a hint of the Android OS crossed with Apple's iOS 7 found on its iPhones and iPads.

The AndroidBeat report gave a brief description on how the Tizen software was developed. The report reads: "Nokia and Intel were both working on their own respective Linux based mobile operating systems. Nokia had Maemo, Intel had Moblin. The two decided to merge their efforts and give birth to a new OS called MeeGo. Nokia then got a new CEO, who pulled the plug on MeeGo, so Samsung took Nokia's place and decided to rename the OS Tizen."

According to the UnwiredView report, the plan is to run the Tizen software on all of the Samsung devices in the near future. It includes televisions and other devices like mobile phones and laptops so that they will have a seamless crossover now that the South Korean technology giant tries to work towards the dual-OS devices such as the ATIV Q.

For the time being, this appears to be a trial platform for the Samsung software engineers. Tizen 2.0 is currently the Samsung OS version and the Tizen 3.0 is reportedly due for launch in early 2014.

However, Samsung's first Tizen smartphone is not expected to be unveiled until 2014. Previous reports claimed that the Tizen phone to be unveiled will sport a 720p screen display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Other reports suggest that the Tizen phone may not be given a big shove to be released soon since Samsung's Android devices are already doing well plus the new Galaxy Gear launches with the Android compatibility. Android has been helpful in making Samsung one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers with its wide range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

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