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MacBook Pro Retina Display’s 2013 release date is expected to be this October and though a lot of consumers are aching to buy a new MacBook Pro, with some of the impatient ones already shifting to Samsung ATIV Q and similar models, there’s a lot of good reasons why you need to wait for a MacBook Pro.

First off, it is expected that MacBook Pro with Retina Display will come out of the box bringing OS X Mavericks with it. Yes, the new Apple laptop will carry with it the most recent overhauled version of the OS.

Source: Apple

Source: Apple

This means you don’t need to back-up your MacBook Pro for the new OS. It comes with it and all you need to do is plug-in all your software and data, pull it from iCloud and or ask help via Apple’s One2One program.

Second, full HD FaceTime Display that’s faster and four-times clearer. MacRumors notes that because the new Haswell processors, which will be available in the upcoming line of MacBook Pros, supports HD displays and that offers a resolution four times better than standard HD displays.

That is our third and probably most important reason: The new MacBook Pros with Retina Display will be launched with Intel’s Haswell processors. Not only will the power-efficient chips boost the processing power of the Apple laptop, but it will also give it more battery life.

According to Tech Radar, the Haswell chips has allowed “laptops and notebooks that elusive Holy Grail of near all-day battery life, with double the life-span of the previous generation models.”

Reports suggests that the Haswell-powered MacBook Pros will likely arrive in two variants and two sizes, which is in keeping with previous Apple MacBook trends. There will probably be a 13 and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, as well as 13 and 15-inch non-Retina options according to The Diplomat.

No news if there will be a 17” MacBook Pro model this October.

Though the Sept. 10 keynote didn’t give any hints on when the new laptop will arrive, there are still hints that the new MacBooks are coming to town. One of them is Best Buy’s move to slash prices of the current MacBook models by up to $200.

The tactic is usually applied to unload inventory of what will soon to be an older model of a particular gadget or device.


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