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13.3-inch Samsung ATIV Q Successor to Launch 2014 – Second Time Lucky?If you’re among the masses that thing Smartphones and tablet PCs have already gotten too big, this isn’t the story for you. We’ve already come to expect a gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Note with a 12.2-inch screen before the end of the year, but we’re told that not only is this not the only tablet the South Korean firm is lining up for the coming months, it’s also far from the biggest.

According to media sources in the Far East, Samsung has set its sights on launching a 13.3-inch tablet PC sometime during the early stages of next year. The appeal of a tablet PC so massive is quite rightly debatable, though the general consensus is that it could represent the much-needed replacement for the Samsung ATIV Q.

As the Samsung ATIV Q also sported a 13.3-inch screen, it’s little wonder links have been drawn between the two. A device fairly unique in nature, the ATIV Q was expected to be a runaway success for its famed dual-booting feature – users could choose between Windows 8 and Android operating systems.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be and for whatever the reason, the ATIV Q flopped and was discontinued by Samsung pretty quickly. We thought we’d seen the last of it and the idea had been dropped for good, but the general premise of the ATIV Q is so compelling and genuinely versatile that it would seem a shame not to have another stab at it.

In any and all cases, Samsung certainly has lofty ambitions for its tablet PC range throughout 2014. A recent report published by the folks over at Sam Mobile stated that Samsung has predicted a full 42 million tablet PC sales next year, which despite being a hell of an accomplishment would still pose no real threat to Apple’s iPad.

On the Smartphone front however Samsung is likely to once again have it licked, with 360 million unit sales predicted for 2014.

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